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Hidden America. Hard Cover Book.

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The Hidden America Hardcover Book demonstrates how artist Lakeem Wilson gives activism a visual voice.

         "The vision behind my Hidden America Book was to Capture The Culture from my personal lenses and illustrate hidden histories of America through the traditional medium of painting."

Lakeem's artwork serves as a powerful agent in affecting social discourse on hidden issues encompassing social justice, power, visual literacy, and urban black culture.

Organized by Natural Studios  Creative Publishing, this book gives art collectors, fellows, and social communities  a unique insight to Lakeem's current painting catalogue and life biography. The themes shown in this book open up dialogue within the contemporary art world and cultural narratives  of today. 

This Is an original artist catalog of Lakeem Ali Wilson’s original artwork. This hard cover book was self published by NaturalBorn Studios and consist of Lakeem‘s top 50 paintings from over the past decade, (2010 through 2020). This body of work explores the unseen parts of America through the lenses of Lakeem‘s critical perspective.

This one-of-a-kind book can only be found all